Rosie’s Post: Strolling in the streets of Virtus with Phoebe

Dear diary, The strangest thing happened the other day. Phoebe came up to me and asked me if I would like to go for a walk with her. In all these months we’ve been living together, that was the first time she actually asked me to accompany her to one of her regular walks. I agreed immediately of course as… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: The Beloved by Paul Eluard

International Poetry Day today and I thought it’d be a great idea to share one of my favorite poems with you guys. It is called The Beloved and it’s by Paul Eluard, one of the most important French poets of the 20th century, as well as one of the founders of the surrealistic movement. So here it is: The Beloved… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Fix You – Coldplay

I left the Ark fuming and started wandering in the busy city centre streets, wishing that Alex would run after me to apologize. He did not of course ―I was the one who started the fight after all― and that made me even madder. I walked and walked and walked, having no idea where I was going, until my feet… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: When it started with Alex…

Growing up with two boys, who smart as they may be, tend to be reckless and stubborn and sometimes even mindless to the point of driving me mad, is not an easy task. Add Rosie with her manipulating ways to the equation and things get trickier. In order to remain as calm and careless as it is humanly possible when… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: The Ark

Huge. Imposing. Magnificent. And full of treasures. I spent hours wandering in there. Admiring, smelling, touching, watching the accompanying videos, absorbing as much information as I could, wondering what the world of the old looked like, how was life back then. I suppose every great adventure starts with a tiny little spark. I think that spark was ignited that day.… Read more →

Rosie’s Post: William Shakespeare

Not really that long before my time, 77 miles away from Cambridge, lived a great man whose talent is still widely celebrated all over the world today. His name brings into mind famous lines from his work and is associated with the best ever written theatre works there have ever been. His name William Shakespeare. Shakespeare, whose birthday is unknown,… Read more →

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