Where can I buy the book?

The book is available in Kindle (E-book) and Paperback (Printed version). You can visit our products page to find links for them or alternatively you can click on the following links Kindle Version or Paperback

 I want to buy the E-book but I don’t have a Kindle device. What can I do?

You can download the Kindle software or app for free http://amzn.to/1r0LubW (keep in mind that after a while we will have a hard copy edition for the book and if you want to get notified you should “sign in” so you can be the first one to get informed).

Where can I buy the soundtrack?

Visit our products page and click on the “blue button under the book cover or click on the following link http://apple.co/1xaOcPm.
If you dont want to buy it from iTunes you can also buy it from Cdbaby by clicking the following link http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jannoseolou10

Can I listen to a sample of the soundtrack before I decided to buy it?

You can either go to the “products” page and click at the plugin of cdbaby to get a 30sec sample of each song or you can visit the iTunes page http://apple.co/1xaOcPm or visit the Cdbaby page and sample it from there http://bit.ly/1wUOZ6z

How can I get the Time Squatters theme song for free?

By registering in our website everyone gets the Time Squatters Theme song for free via email (after verifying their registration).

What are the blogs and why should I register to them?

In our “Blogs section” one can find post of Alex, Max, Phoebe and Rosie. Each one of the characters has different interests that will fit one’s interests. One can subscribe to each blog (or all of them) to get notified when a new blog post has been posted. For more information about our blog please visit http://www.timesquatters.com/blog-groups/

What is the Time Squatter Community?

In the Time Squatters website we provide a community where people with similar interests can be informed of our actions and products, read our blogs and be informed of new ones, but they can also write comments, post to the guest blog if they wish to, make friends and more.

Why should I join?

So that you’re not left out. This was you will be from the first ones to know about all new Time Squatters adventures but also be part of our community. You can also write your own comments and posts, you can raise issues of your own: scientific, social, what ever you feel you want to inform our community about.

How can we interact with other members of the Time Squatters Community?

You can post and leave comments. The same can do others to your posts. Nothing is private and secret here. We all see and read all comments. Posts get the administration approval (we only try to stop inappropriate language and comments – not ideas) and this is why we do not allow private messages. The Time Squatters community is open to all, as long as we respect each other and behave accordingly. You need to fully register so that you can leave a comment. You need our approval in order to post anew article. Although we do not control comments, we reserve the right to delete any inappropriate comments and/or totally delete user accounts if we receive complaints or if we identify any bad behavior.

How can I vote?

One can vote simply by going to the right side (the menu side) and find the section where one can come. One can choose to vote more then one Social Cause. The Social Cause that gathers the most votes will be the one that the money will be given to. To lean more about our Social Causes please visit http://www.timesquatters.com/social-causes/

Can I vote for more then one causes?

One can choose to vote for more then one of our Social Causes. The Social Cause that will gather the most votes will get the 25%

What do you mean 25% of the Revenues when is the collecting period?

We, at the First Quarter Company give our first Quarter of our product sales (25%),before doing any business, before paying any expenses, before any possible profit or loss to the social causes that our audience votes for. So, be part of it in any way you can.

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