The First Quarter Company

The TIME SQUATTERS Saga is created by 'The First Quarter Company', a new generation, socially responsible start-up.

The First Quarter Company tries to set a new standard by combining 'for profit' companies and social enterprises!

We believe that commercial companies should try to make a profit, otherwise nothing would expand and develop. But we do not want to leave all the burden of supporting everyone in need solely to the traditional Social Enterprises and Charities.

What if all, or most companies, gave some of their REVENUES (not profit only) back to the world? Then we would have a new strong stream of funds, ample to solve problems of the world, solved by our spending money.

What if we had a platform where we raised the issues we think need our support, and decide by voting where the money of The First Quarter Company is used for?

What if we could all be part of that and solve problems by our own intervention?

We at the First Quarter Company give our first Quarter of our product sales (25%), before doing any business, before paying any expenses, before any possible profit or loss to the social causes that our audience votes for. So, be part of it in any way you can.

Every buyer and/or member of our on-line society gets to vote for the cause that he/she believes the money should be spent for. 

At the end of the collecting period (once or twice a year) the cause most voted, gets our community's financial support.

First Quarter Company Motto: 'First, Let's All Try to Create a Better World' Then have some fun with us, get educated, share experiences, make friends, be yourself! But First let's give something back to Our World. Some things just can't wait any longer!

The First Quarter Company tries to influence other companies and follow our example. But this can not be achieved without the support of our community. Spread the word, if you will, push in every way, let's all make every other company feel obliged to follow our example.

Make 'The First Quarter concept' the new standard for social responsibility.

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