Rosie’s Post: Strolling in the streets of Virtus with Phoebe

Dear diary, The strangest thing happened the other day. Phoebe came up to me and asked me if I would like to go for a walk with her. In all these months we’ve been living together, that was the first time she actually asked me to accompany her to one of her regular walks. I agreed immediately of course as… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: The Beloved by Paul Eluard

International Poetry Day today and I thought it’d be a great idea to share one of my favorite poems with you guys. It is called The Beloved and it’s by Paul Eluard, one of the most important French poets of the 20th century, as well as one of the founders of the surrealistic movement. So here it is: The Beloved… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Fix You – Coldplay

I left the Ark fuming and started wandering in the busy city centre streets, wishing that Alex would run after me to apologize. He did not of course ―I was the one who started the fight after all― and that made me even madder. I walked and walked and walked, having no idea where I was going, until my feet… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: When it started with Alex…

Growing up with two boys, who smart as they may be, tend to be reckless and stubborn and sometimes even mindless to the point of driving me mad, is not an easy task. Add Rosie with her manipulating ways to the equation and things get trickier. In order to remain as calm and careless as it is humanly possible when… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: The Ark

Huge. Imposing. Magnificent. And full of treasures. I spent hours wandering in there. Admiring, smelling, touching, watching the accompanying videos, absorbing as much information as I could, wondering what the world of the old looked like, how was life back then. I suppose every great adventure starts with a tiny little spark. I think that spark was ignited that day.… Read more →

Rosie’s Post: William Shakespeare

Not really that long before my time, 77 miles away from Cambridge, lived a great man whose talent is still widely celebrated all over the world today. His name brings into mind famous lines from his work and is associated with the best ever written theatre works there have ever been. His name William Shakespeare. Shakespeare, whose birthday is unknown,… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Discovering the Existence of ‘The Ark’

Once upon a time the world was full of breathtaking landscapes. Massive forests and high mountains, valleys and meadows covered in flowers, extensive wastelands and deserts, huge icebergs and cities so beautiful they seemed to be taken out of fairytales. All that is left now is a vast unending ocean and a few scattered islands here and there. Just thinking… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post:Vincent Willem van Gogh

19th century painter. He was born in Holland in 1853 and was brought up in a religious environment, as his father was a pastor, and he himself aspired to be one. He only discovered his artistic gift later in life and started drawing at the age 27. Within a time span of 10 years he created thousands of works of… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Have you ever been in love?

What is it that makes us fall for somebody? Their looks? Their attitude towards life? The way they speak? Or smile? Or look at you? And what is it that separates this kind of love from brotherly and friendly love? I don’t hold any answers to these questions. All I know is that when you fall in love, you suddenly… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Being a Girly Girl

Here is the thing. I can’t be a girly girl. I can’t do girl-talk, flash my eyelashes, flirt or pretend to be a damsel in distress. I don’t change the tone of my voice when I speak to boys or try to attract their attention. I don’t look intensely at people for no reason or use a mysterious smile when… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Appearances can be deceiving

It’s strange how the change in my appearance changed people’s attitude towards me. It was as if they now took more notice of me, as if they paid closer attention. It kind of bothered me. For me it’s the inside that matters, not the outside. Appearances create illusions that can be dissolved within a blink of an eye. A word… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Changing also on the outside

Sooo, as I said, just as I changed on the inside, I also felt the need to change on the outside. I didn’t want to be called or be treated like a little girl anymore. Cause I wasn’t. Alex was regarded with respect in our new neighborhood because of his confidence, his fearlessness, his easy and friendly ways towards everyone.… Read more →

Phoebe’s post: Living in the streets – p4

If one thing can be said about Flavio is that he always keeps his word. Meeting him was the best thing that happened to us since our escape from the orphanage. A couple of days after the police chase incident, we returned to the eastern part of the city looking for him. It wasn’t difficult at all to find him.… Read more →

Rosie’s Post: My worst fears

People talked often about the Covent Garden Square. It was laid down in 1630s, and the first small shops around it had already made a name for themselves. People always talk about the good things when they want to forget all the tragic ones. I must have been less than 12 months old, in 1665, when the Great Plague came… Read more →

Phoebe’s Post: Living in the streets – p3

(continuing from part 2…) That split moment before the police officers attacked us, Alex made an unexpected move and dashed sideways into the couple next to us. I took a deep breath, blocked my brain from thinking anything, and rushed to the opposite direction. We started pushing people on to one another and then slip away, grabbed anything we could… Read more →

Rosie’s Post: Every myth bares a fragment of truth

Every myth bares a fragment of truth. That’s what my father used to say. You see, his interests did not lay solely in the field of science but in the realms of myth as well. He believed that if one penetrated deep into the core of myth, they discover wonders. He was a keen collector of myths – always looking… Read more →

Phoebe’s post: Living in the streets – p2

We were scurrying around one of the busiest quarters in Virtus, looking for things to steal, when a quarrel broke out a few meters away from us. A party of four police officers had grabbed a young man and he was fighting to get free. A thick crowd of curious people gathered quickly around them. There was a lot of… Read more →

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