Max’s Post: Scientists start realising that time travel is possible

Hi guys, I would like to put to your attention this sweet idea of the ‘two times physics’ by Itzhak Bars, from University of Southern California.

He proposed his idea of time being not ‘one dimensional’ , but ‘two dimensional’. So, instead of thinking about it as a straight line, we must think of it as a plane, an infinite plane.

An article of The Telegraph (on the web version of the UK newspaper) one could read:

Time is no longer a simple line from the past to the future, in a four dimensional world consisting of three dimensions of space and one of time. Instead, the physicist envisages the passage of history as curves embedded in a six dimensions, with four of space and two of time.
“There isn’t just one dimension of time,” Itzhak Bars of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles tells New Scientist. “There are two. One whole dimension of time and another of space have until now gone entirely unnoticed by us.”

As most of you know till now we have the theory of ‘general relativity’, which is a theory of gravity and explains the world let’s say macroscopically and the ‘quantum theory’ that describe the world ‘microscopically’. These two theories do not match, and scientists strive for a long time to find a theory that explains the whole universe and not only parts of it.

Scientists have been adding extra dimensions of space to their equations for decades, trying to come up with a ‘whole universe theory’. Even back in the 1920s, they found that moving up to four dimensions of space, instead of the three we experience, helped unify theories of electromagnetism and gravity.

Now they are studying a theory of everything called M-theory that adds more dimensions. We now think of the world as 11 dimensional: 10 dimensions of space and one of time.

Itzhak Bars points out that just adding one or more dimensions to the world theory does not solve anything. We need to come up with the equations describing the unified world. At the time there are theoretical problems to be solved about the symmetry of position and momentum… (I know this may seem too vague to you, but they know what they are talking about)

The familiar four dimensional world we see around us is merely a “shadow” of the six-dimensional reality, just as a hand makes many different shadows on a wall when lit from different angles.
Although we cannot experience the extra time dimension directly, we can effectively notice it through the different perspectives of the different “shadows”.

Itzhak Bars believes that we could find some answers or hints when at the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, we create the unseen “supersymmetric” particles.

I believe that scientists are getting there, steady but slowly. It will take many years. Even in our time, even if this is theoretically accepted none has tried it – except us though, the Time Squatters. Talk to you soon folks. Do not loose faith in science!

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  1. May 14, 2016 at 1:12 am

    Dr. Bars has then provided a great service to me: He has articulated a near-match to the space-time relativity model I have imagined for several years. I lack the familiarity with ‘quantumh’ physics jargon necessary to describe the otherwise unaccounted-for second time dimemsion (or first- it’s all relative anyway- so long as it is at least one among two time dimensions). Dr. Bars has effectively, and, given his qualifications, probably slightly more accurately, conveyed in words accessible to the nerdier class of laypersons, concepts which I could not figure out how express. This is welcome news; I have long wished to suggest the existence of two time dimensions (or more importantly, point out why two {or two at minimum, I guess; that is another discussion} time dimensions must necessarily exist.

    I have wished to discuss the validaty/legitimacy/possibility/plausibility of a six-dimensional relativity model, at least within the familiar Newtonian realm of physics. Recall that Australian fellow awarded a Nobel Prize in…I can’t remember if it was physics, astrophysics, or astronomy, or what have you…back in 2012, for his creative approach which (with the assistance of a brilliant and hardworking team of young interns, to give due credit) smashed through the barrier which for so long concealed an inconceivably larger and more energetic foreign world of physics- that is, the physical nature of a guesstimated 95%ish of all matter in the universe (multiverse, whatever, reader’s choice).

    This virtually unexplored realm of physics is that which governs the laws of Nonnewtonian physics. Nonnewtonian physics is, in this context, synonymous with atomic physics.

    No, nothing controversial or particularly Chernobylian. Just the physics related to atomic matter.

    Matter which is made of atoms.

    You know, the stuff made of protons ‘n ‘lectros, ‘n neutrons, then you get down to sillier and sillier-sounding terms like quarks, and so on.

    Like matter found on Earth. Matter such as…um…rocks…and paper…or scissors.

    Regular, normal matter. Atoms. Right-ho…

    Finally Alice drank and ate and found the key in the correct order, and voilà: a strange wunderland is opened. Nonatomic physicsphysics may be better known to some as having to do with “dark matter,” and “dark energy.” No, dark matter is not dark energy, nor vice versa. We lack typography to describe either properly, for they are misleadingly named. Neither is “matter” nor “energy” as we understand the terms. But I digress, only to mention that the possibility of a 6-dimenal relativity model may be a lot to process, and stIll, B-B-B-baby, you just ain’t seen nothin yet.

    A few years ago I wrestled with the irreconcilable inconsistencies- the existence of which Dr. Bars points out- of the widely accepted spacetime relativity model from one dusk, through the whole night. I literally and figuratively experienced a great dawning simultaneously (I give a nod to my brother, Apollo, for kindly and wonderfully illuminating everthing for me just as I became illuminated) of a humble “additional” (not really though; it was always there) time dimension.

    I cannot articulate the nature of the relationship between the two dimensions I hypothesized very well. My best explanation is that I see the time dimension with which we are familiar, flowing along, or whatever, and another fundamentally necessary dimension
    -despite that until now, no one else seemed to see it or be able to conceptualize it- which is another time dimension. I’ve struggled to name it with some descriptive accuracy, but have settled on, “existence.”

    Just as the 3rd space dimension cannot exist without the second, nor the second without the first, the first space dimension cannot exist without a time dimension. This much is well agreed upon.

    But I noticed it is an incomplete model. The space dimensions are covered, but none can exist in the absence of time. Add the time dimension, and the model will still fall apart. Because the time dimension adds a supportive pillar to ther model, the model is lopsided and thus cannot sustain itself. I struggled with how spacetime could exist at all because the space dimensions are condional based on there being a time dimension, and the the time dimension is simiarly conditional due to the quantum nature of the universe/multiverse/world/whatever you want to call it.

    Therforfeit be any space nor a time dimension without a dimension for all that is existence. Time and existence are more or less two sides of the same coin, and balance the spacetime model to a symmetrical and self-sustaining shape.

    Am I making sense?

    If you don’t have any time, you don’t have time to exist. If you don’t exist, you fall off the time wagon.

    Out of time? Then you don’t have enough time to exist.
    Cease to exist? Well, while that’d be an impressive trick, it also means your time is forfeit.

    If you want to move around space, you get 3 spacial dimensotherwise, ever there are prerequisites:
    – you must have time to run this way, that way, and jump around (otherwise, your schedule is booked. You’d be completely busy with not running this nor that way and not jumping up and down, with all your lack of time not spent existing).
    – you must exist to be present in space. Existing means spending time in space.
    – humans require three dimensions of space, X, Y, and Z, to Exist•Simultaneously.
    If X and Y are hanging around, but Z is nowhere to be found, we can’t physically squeeze ourselves into just two dimensions.

    X and Y can have all the Time in the world, but the Z axis has to also have time, and be able to exist during that time, for us to personally, physically exist, and that is still an “if” we also do exist
    (but that’s just because we’re made of cells, made of proteins mostly, made of atoms, and atoms exist only where 3 space dimensions of space are available to occupy.

    We need:
    1) space between our head and feet- height
    2) space between our shoulders- length
    3) space between our spinal column and sternum- width
    4) time flowing along in 3D space
    5) time to spend doing some Existing
    6) a 3D venue in which Existing is possible. Cuz of all the space.

    1,2,3, and 6, above, are dimensions of space.
    4 and 5 are dimensions of time.

    Where all 6 intersect at the same point is ‘here’ and ‘now,’ with the bonus of your own presence.

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